Danny Olivas Joins USC Marshall's Board of Counselors for Veterans Career Development Program

 This month, Danny Olivas officially joined the Board of Counselors for the University of Southern California, Marshall’s Master of Business for Veterans (MBV) Career Development Program. MBV Counselors help veteran students transfer from military service to civilian careers by advising and connecting students with professional opportunities for career advancement and professional development. To support MBV students, Counselors participate in informational interviews, during which the students question them about specific industries, companies and careers to enable them to make informed career choices. They often connect the students to their own professional networks to help expand opportunities. Board members are selected from business leaders who have reached the level of success in their professions that allows them the time and ability to advise and assist MBV students, and who also have respect and appreciation for the contributions and sacrifices veterans have made for their country. Members serve for two-year terms. About USC Marshall’s MBV Program The recently launched MBV program is an innovative new approach to educating and transitioning qualified armed forces members into the nation’s executive workforce. The leadership and management experience MBV students obtain while in the military enables them to earn a Master degree in one year. Because of the brevity of the program, coupled with the lack of private-sector experience for veterans whose resumes may only include their military missions, the role of MBV Counselors plays a significant role in providing a seamless transition from military to private business and professional leadership.